The international section welcomes the American author Douglas Kennedy

Last Thursday afternoon as part of the Festival Ecritures des Amériques, Mrs. Hatchi, her 5ème and 4ème international students, as well as 3èmeC LV1, had the honour and pleasure of meeting and conversing with Douglas Kennedy, a famous American author based in Paris, London, Maine, and Berlin.

Prior to the literary café, the students had worked in class on extracts from his latest work, "La symphonie du hasard" - the third book in the trilogy. Below is an article from the local newspaper describing the event as well as the specific nature of the British international section.

Other interesting surprises are in the offing. As we say in English :  « The best is yet to come ! »


 « It was great» « I liked it a lot, but I was too stressed to talk! », « Miss, I like this author a lot - he is funny! »

« Can we do it again soon? » Objective attained - one proud and happy teacher!